Fall’s Simple Pleasures

Cue Ella & Louis singing “Autumn in New York”…

Saturday morning Husband & I woke up with the windows open. There was a crispness in the air that was unmistakable: Autumn is on it’s way! It’s my very favorite time of year, and here are a few reasons why…

Our dining room table early this morning.

Our dining room table early this morning.


1. Buying candy for the sole purpose of making adorable decorations.

2. Having an excuse to order boots online.

3. It’s the only time “peeping” won’t get you arrested.

4. Having an excuse to say “bouquets of sharpened pencils” any time you go to the supply room.

5. The inexplicable urge to watch old episodes of “Coach” (and perhaps crush on a young Craig T. Nelson or fawn over Shelley Fabares 80s hair).

6. Apple Cider… Wait… Caramel Apple Cider.

7. Afternoon drives in the mountains.

So, tell me, what’s your favorite thing about this time of year?


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3 thoughts on “Fall’s Simple Pleasures

  1. My new favorite fall pleasure are apple cider cocktails:

    The Larceny
    2 oz Bourbon
    1.5 oz Apple Juice/Cider (I always use Simply Apple)
    1.5 (or to taste) oz Ginger beer (I suggest Cock n’ Bull Ginger Beer)

    Add the bourbon and apple juice to an ice filled glass and stir to combine. Then add the ginger beer. Garnish with an apple slice or a lemon wheel.

    The Manzarita
    2 oz Bourbon
    2 oz Apple Juice/Cider
    Lemon Wedge
    3/4 oz Spirits of Elderflower
    Generous pinch of ground cinnamon

    Muddle the lemon wedge in bottom of a cocktail shaker with the cinnamon. Add the remaining ingredients and ice. Shake and strain over new ice. Garnish with a cinnamon stick

    Also football.

  2. Oh fall. Some of my favorites would be birthdays in September, layering clothes (especially cardigans), anything pumpkin-food related, and the cooler weather. I can’t wait for fall to be in full swing!

  3. Autumn has be my favorite season because the changing of the leaves bring peace to me..I can’t really explain it..lol. Driving on long roadtrips and looking at trees with different shades of colors is just so relaxing. Oh…and I start watching re-runs of Different Strokes and the Facts of Life until Christmas 😀

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