A Good Belle Stocks Her Bar

Well ladies, if your house guests have not arrived yet, odds are you will all be together by tomorrow. So what sort of belle would I be, if I didn’t include one of the most important things to have on hand during the holiday season? I’m speaking of drinks, of course! It’s very hard for people to have unhappy discussions while holding a drink. It’s not only something to do (sip when there’s a lag in the conversation) but also something to spill, which will prevent the discussion from getting heated. So here’s how to build a basic bar with something for everyone…

Start with Liquor

You’ll want a good vodka, gin, and bourbon. Then, you can start adding different things like a good rum and a good scotch. You’ll also want some things to help you make cocktails like bitters, Triple Sec and simple syrup. Oh,¬†and Grand Marnier.*

*Fun Fact: A glass of Grand Marnier is guaranteed to make over-stuffed Thanksgiving tummies feel better.

Add Some Wine

At all times you will want to have a good red, a good white, and a good sparkly wine on hand. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

Of note: Cupcake Prosecco is the perfect sparkly for every day, but if you’re having a celebration, you may want to invest in a good bottle of Veuve.

Then There Are the Extras

You want to be sure you have something for everyone. Always have Coke and Diet Coke on hand. This will take care of the people that don’t drink, the people that need a jolt of caffeine, and, heaven forbid, people that mix things with Coke. On that same note, having a variety of juices is great for kids, non-drinkers, and people that love cosmopolitans. Also, stock up on fruits commonly used as garnish with emphasis on the lemons and limes.

Finally, the Tools

A shaker and jigger are the absolute musts, and, if you’re looking for something new, might I suggest looking at the W + P collaboration with West Elm? I want one of everything!

Hope this helps you prepare for company. On a personal note, we just made a liquor store run and are now stocked up for the weekend. Bring on the in-laws! Cheers!

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