A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Snack Recipe

I have a slight obsession with Charlie Brown so it is basically a given that my favorite Thanksgiving pick is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. So this weekend, I decided to make A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving snack. Not being a fan of jelly beans, I used mini M&Ms for color. Enjoy!

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving snack, holiday, Hannah and Husband



1 bag plain popcorn
1/2 bag pretzel sticks
1 cup mini M&Ms
1 1/3 cup white chocolate chips
1 Tbsp shortening


Pop your popcorn. Then, by handfuls, put your popcorn in a larger bowl. The first time I did this, I forgot about all the un-popped kernels that may be in the bottom of the bag so my testers had to look out for seeds lest they lose a filling.

Next, mix in your pretzels and mini M&Ms.

Melt your white chocolate. You can do this over stove in a double-boiler or in the microwave in 30 second intervals. If you’re on the stovetop, you can put the shortening in right away. If you’re in the microwave, I like to wait about a minute and then add the shortening so it’s easier to mix.

Pour the white chocolate over the mixture and stir together immediately. Work quickly to make sure that the chocolate gets mixed in before it starts to harden.

Pour your mixture onto parchment paper to set up. Ours rested over night in the kitchen. The next morning, you can break it apart to serve!




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