4 Ways to Marilyn Your Morning

True Story: I started writing this post on my lunch break and got completely sidetracked looking at pictures of skinny Elvis. So you can expect that next week…

I have always believed the old adage that if God had intended for me to see the sunrise, he’d have put it at 10 o’clock. I have never ever been a morning person and, like most things in life, I blame my mother. We both have this gene that keeps us awake until all hours of the night, but in bed until the last possible second.

In high school, the only in-school suspension I ever got was for too many tardies. I was the Lorelai Gilmore of Alcoa High waltzing in at 8:05, eyes bleary, and coffee in hand. And while I appreciate their smiling faces and whistling, you’ll forgive me if I consider morning people…

But last week I recently stumbled across a few things that made me think, like most things in life, Marilyn had the answer. So let’s all put on our WWMD bracelets (which are obviously covered in pink diamonds), and learn 4 Ways to Marilyn Your Morning.

4 Ways to Marilyn Your Morning | Hannah & Husband

1. Wake up slowly.

In a 1952 issue of Pageant magazine, Marilyn said…

“By nature, I suppose I have a languorous disposition. I hate to do things in a hurried, tense atmosphere, and it is virtually impossible for me to spring out of bed in the morning. On Sunday, which is my one day of total leisure, I sometimes take two hours to wake up, luxuriating in every last moment of drowsiness.”

4 Ways to Marilyn Your Morning | Hannah & Husband

How fabulous is that? “…luxuriate in every last moment of drowsiness.” (Click here to read the full article on Into the Gloss.)

4 Ways to Marilyn Your Morning | Hannah & Husband

2. Be a little [over] easy.

Ok, Marilyn didn’t say this. She actually preferred to whisk 2 raw eggs into a glass of warm milk. But in the interest of a totally applicable pun, there’s nothing like a good lay to get he body moving, right?

4 Ways to Marilyn Your Morning | Hannah & Husband

3. Don your morning dress.

If you need a little extra help in the morning, make your morning dress something you love to wear–whether that’s a bathrobe or your favorite fur. Putting on something you love to wear will lessen the SSA (sheet separation anxiety).

4 Ways to Marilyn Your Morning | Hannah & Husband

4. Pour a cup of morning Joe. 

There’s nothing quite like relaxing with that first cup of Joe. (Get it? cuz it’s Joe DiMaggio in the picture. Ok, I’ll stop now. Really.)

In truth, I have no idea if any of these will work. But, if nothing else, we’ll all look fabulous trying!

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