2 Ingredient Biscuits

2 Ingredient Biscuits recipe | Hannah & Husband

Biscuits are the quintessential Southern food. Everyone has their own recipe as well as a story about where they got it. In fact, this weekend Knoxville will play host to the International Biscuit Festival! Festivities will include an art competition, the crowning of Mr. & Miss Biscuit 2015, and, of course, a taste-off. So I couldn’t imagine a better day to share my own 2 ingredient biscuits.

Regardless of what anyone will tell you, biscuits are simple to make. There’s really only ever 2-5 ingredients required plus a really hot oven. These are my personal favorite because you can crave biscuits and be eating them in 30 minutes. The “self-rising” flour is the key as it eliminates the real baking science-y ingredients of the classic recipe–it’s basically the drive-thru ingredient on your way to buttery bliss.

I learned how to make these biscuits from a couple of ladies who are my mother’s age in our church on the same afternoon I learned to make strawberry jam. They, incidentally, learned the recipe from another church saint named Oral Ruth, who was of the generation previous to theirs. Really, every time I make this recipe it’s a lovely reminder that nothing is ever really new when it comes to cooking. There are basic ingredients and what you do with them depends on where you’re from and who taught you something. It’s reassuring to know that Oral Ruth was standing in her own kitchen 60 years ago making these for Wallace without an iPhone dinging or podcast playing. And it makes wonder where our grandchildren will be making a batch 60 years from now… providing, of course, they’re sensible enough to not read too many health magazines and still invest in a good heavy cream.

2 Ingredient Biscuits recipe | Hannah & Husband

2 Ingredient Biscuits recipe | Hannah & Husband

2 Ingredient Biscuits recipe | Hannah & Husband

2 Ingredient Biscuits recipe | Hannah & Husband

2 Ingredient Biscuits recipe | Hannah & Husband

You’ll Need:

1 cup heavy whipping cream

2 cups self-rising flour

Yes. It really is this simple.

Preheat the oven to 425°

Ever-so-slowly pour the heavy whipping cream into the flour while mixing with a spoon. Going slowly feels daunting at first, but you really have to see how the dough comes together. You want to catch it when it first mixes enough to hold–not too wet, not too dry. You don’t want to over mix the dough or you’ll biscuits will get tough.

Flour your countertop and roll your dough out.

Use a glass to cut out your biscuits. The lady who taught me insisted you shouldn’t move the glass around in circles. “Cut it once, and you won’t lose the layers.” I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I figured it’s worth noting.

Bake 16-18 minutes. When the tops start to get golden brown, put a pad of butter on each top and leave it one more minute to melt.

*This recipe only ever makes about half a dozen. It’s perfect for 2 or 3 people, but if you’re serving brunch double it! 

Disclaimer: If you’re looking for the tall biscuits with uber-buttery layers, I’d recommend this recipe. This is a simple biscuit. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with friend green tomatoes or eggs & jam. Delicious, but not uber-buttery in itself.


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