Weekending | Hannah & Husband

I’m currently missing our weekend view (seen above) from the hammock. This weekend, we got away to the mountains. It was blissful. The trees are in full bloom. The birds’ chorus was both beautiful and incessant. And, hopefully, the river is starting to warm up a bit–we saw a few kayaks out but weren’t game enough to jump in ourselves. Soon.


Weekend Snapshot

Weekend Snapshot | Secrets of a Belle

We ran around all weekend & had an absolute ball. Now, I am happy to report, my feet are up, the Oscars are on, and my nails will be done before this thing is over. How was your weekend?

Snapshots from Saturday

Yesterday, the Slaughter family took a quick road trip to the mountains to relax, read, and shoot our Valentine’s Day card.

Snapshots from Saturday | Secrets of a Belle

Fashion Week? Blizzard Nemo? I’ll take a little mountaining over those any day!
Hope your weekend was equally as delightful!

P.S. I joined Vine. Have you played with the app at all?

Sit & Sip: My ‘Welcome Back to Tennessee’ Cocktail

Last weekend, I hosted a Welcome Home party for my honey! (For those that don’t know, he was here all summer.) I tried to make things as ‘East Tennessee’ as possible. There were outdoor games, a galvanized tub of beer, plenty of fried chicken, and this Tennessee Mountain Punch. The recipe was an experiment at the time, and the results were super tasty! The great part? You can make as much or as little as you like!