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Tennessee Roadtrip

Do you ever have one of those weeks that makes you look back and say, “Wait… what just happened?” We’ve basically had that kind of week. So, just for fun, let’s play a little catch-up.

Last week, I got in a wreck. (I’m totally fine–no worries!)

New Rides

The next day, Husband found me a new bike. It’s a Hollywood Cruiser that I have affectionately named Betsy Schwinn.

The day after that, we bought our very first new car: a Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI. I now have a car that is not only gorgeous and comfortable but will hold large canvases, groceries, and my dog all at the same time. I am in love!

On Friday, we drove to Nashville to see Tower of Power live at the War Memorial Auditorium. ToP is Husband’s favorite band, and he has been trying to see them in person for about 15 years. They did not disappoint. We danced our way, along with Bestie and lots of middle-agers with hair reaching to Jesus, through an incredible show! If you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a little taste…

On Saturday, we drove south to Chattanooga where we heard some gorgeous music performed by the best high schoolers in the state–the stop was a carry over from  Husband’s band directing days. Then, we spent the rest of our day eating ourselves silly at St. John’s and the Stone Fort Inn’s Terra Mae. (We just love staying at the Stone Fort Inn. If you’re in the area, it is so charming!)

We wrapped up the weekend with a day of antiquing and (you guessed it) more eating with a show at the Tivoli. BILL COSBY! Can you believe it?! He was amazing. He was perfect. He was everything I wanted him to be, and I now find myself even more obsessed than I was before. I just adore him so much.

Finally, on Tuesday, we got invited to see a great show at The Bijou: Chris Thile with Brad Mehldau. It did not disappoint.

So that’s the gist. In between there were lots of other things but really, we are out of time and I could use a nap. So instead, please allow me to gift you the recipe for my latest drink of choice.

This Week's Sparkly Sensation

Pour yourself a glass of prosecco. (Cupcake is my personal favorite.)

Then, simply throw in a slice of lemon and a sprig of lavender from your garden. Trust me. It’s Springtime perfection!

Regular posting will commence again this weekend, with some BIG news coming next week. xoxo*

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