2 thoughts on “posie-gets-cozy-adoption-crib

  1. I followed your blog for over a year. I used your link from minickandsimpson.com (as laurie simpson is my favorite quilt and fabric designer so of course I follow her blog). Then I found you ! I discovered you just as you met miss maisie. My heart was so happy and then so broken for you. We adopted our son nearly 45 years ago and so I have a huge heart for those wanting a family. I hadn’t been on your blog for a little while when I opened it in October and there was your beautiful delicious, lovely blessing___miss Amelia. I follow nearly everyday just to watch your darling, see her change and grow, see your perfect pictures, and read your wonderful writings. The depth of your feelings and expressions has deeply touched my life. May all your days be always filled with love and joy.

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