Woo-Woo’s Ranger Cookie Recipe

Yesterday would have been Woo-Woo’s 99th birthday so earlier this week I baked a batch of Ranger Cookies. As I’ve said before, her recipes are always my favorites and this one is no exception. For any family gathering or holiday, […]

Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookie Recipe from Woo-Woo

When I was little, baking with Woo-Woo (my grandmother) was one of my very favorite activities. Last year around this time, I shared the story of winning 1st place at the church baking competition with her pumpkin pie on my personal blog. […]

How to Carve a Turkey by Duncan Hines

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for vintage, and one of the things I love to find are food pamphlets and small paperback cookbooks from the 1940s and 50s. These little treasures not only offer an array of recipes, but […]

Weekend Foraging at Rivermont

If you follow on Instagram, you know that Fall is in full swing in East Tennessee!  Can you get over those colors? This weekend was good for my soul. We made some progress here on the home front, I did […]

What a Week, Huh?

You guys, this week is a little crazy. There are Rivermont projects in the works, we are both busy at work, I turn 30 tomorrow (THIRTY!), and last night our fav newslady profiled us. You can watch the clip below. (disclaimer: I’m mainly […]

Our Favorite All-Purpose Seasoning

My mom never cooked with many spices, which I actually think is pretty common among a lot of American cooks. It’s hard to experiment on a weeknight when you’re just trying to get dinner on the table. Plus, a lot of classic […]

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Only a couple days left in the countdown to Thanksgiving so I wanted to share a few recipes that have been a hit in the past and a some that will be on our menu this year. The Turkey In […]

Evolution of a Home Pt. 2

This is part 2 of our home’s evolution. To read part 1, click here.  As I mentioned in part one, I’ve been lucky enough to know all the families that have ever lived in our house. When we bought our […]

1950s Dinner Party with the “Club”

I usually don’t share too much about the “club” except for the fact that it exists and an instagram here and there, but last night we threw a 1950s dinner party. So really how could I resist? If you remember, […]

Start a Book Club

When I was little, my Woo-Woo used to talk about all the clubs she’d host at her house. With 7 kids and a job, I never could figure out why she would spend afternoons and evenings hosting so many random […]